Batteraof 2 Business

Want to create unity in your team? Beat the competition? Increase team performance? Get healthy together? Go BTCMP with Batteraof 2 Business!

Nothing has a more positive effect on team spirit as doing sports collectively. As a group, work on improving fitness and strength - is the best method. It's all about collegiality in our classes. Help each other to achieve common objectives, motivate and inspire each other to go just a bit harder for the company's interests. Tackle barriers and build a team together with Batteraof 2 Business with a healthy relationship between staff members. 

A mentally and physically healthy corporate culture also leads directly to an increase in labor productivity and a reduction in absenteeism.

Batteraof 2 Business offers a variety of BTCMP classes in and outside of the workplace, such as regular BTCMP, kickboxingBTCMP, power and running BTCMP. And at all levels, so something for everyone. Our BTCMP classes are always led by a certified trainer.

Interested? Contact Marjan Lemmens for more information and / or a quotation: / +31(0)6 14 50 93 41.

We are also connected with benVitaal for corporate company fitness.

benVitaal offers organizations, in addition to the tax reduction for corporate fitness, a collective scheme, or Fit met Korting! allowing employees and their family members to enjoy fitness with a discount offered by the affiliated sports providers. For more information: