The Walters Cup Throwdown

The Walters Cup Throwdown is a buddy’s throwdown, so you’ll need a buddy to register!

The 3 qualifiers for the Walters Cup Throwdown must done between February 15th and april 13th in our own box and your judge must approve your score and you must upload your video as proof.

The prize for the qualifiers is €40 for a buddy’s team untill March 8.
Between March 8 and 15th the fee will go up to €50, and after March 15th the fee to register for the qualifiers will be €60 for a buddy’s team.

The finals will be on June 7th in the Chassé Theater in Breda, Netherlands.

In the finals the following buddy-teams will fight for a podium position:
10 Elite male/male
10 Elite female/male
10 Elite female/female
10 Masters male/male
10 Masters female/male
10 Masters female/female
!0 Scaled male/male
10 Scaled female/male
10 Scaled female/female

Total prize money is worth €6000 !

Do you like to register? Let us know at the reception and sign up online: