The November challenge was a hard one! For some doing 1 strict Pull up is a dream goal, for some it was easy 😳  

Rosalie won the challenge with 16 unbroken strict pull ups. It was a battle with Danielle but in the end she managed to pull up 1 more.  GREAT job Rosalie!! 💪🏼

On the mens side 3 athletes got the same score of 23 Pull ups. Congrats with this result Ben, Konstantin and Shalton. So this will be settled in a final battle on the day of Murph (17th of December) before or after the WOD (you guys decide).


 August Challenge

The August Challenge was an ultimate test of puke resistance. 20 Cal. Row + Bike + Ski for time. Not a lot of athletes are made for this kind of shock, but two guys went for it last month with totally different techniques. Juan did multiple attempts to get the best score, Jules did all 3 challenges in 1 hour, puked a bit and takes home the price!! 15 sec. on the Bike, 32 sec. on the Ski and 24 sec. on the rower. Just 1 sec. difference between the two. 

Anne beat all the ladies with a great time on the bike, 34 sec. A lot of guys will not even get close to this time! 

Congratulations Anne and Jules, come and pick up your t-shirt at the box! 


September Challenge

This months challenge is a gymnastic movement, the L-Sit Hold. For max seconds. For the rules please read the challenge board in the box.




The April Challenge was not 1 but 3 challenges; 250m Row for time + 100 sit ups for time + 50 Wall ball shots for time. Every second and millisecond counted as a point, and the athlete with the least amount of points won the challenge. See below all the participants, to us you are ALL WINNERS!!! But unfortunately we cannot handout 40 t-shirts every month ;). So Kelly Stessen come and pick up your Batteraof t-shirt!

TOP 3:

  1. Kelly: 6,98 points
  2. Marjan: 7,082 points
  3. Pablo: 7,2 points

See below all the "WINNER" scores:
Anke: 12,342
Rok: 10,046
Michelle: 9,526
Bas: 12,546
Jérøme: 9,432
Marvin: 7,404
Stefan van S: 8,468
Juan: 7,306
Emilia: 8,09
Loes: 7,978
Anne K: 9,734
Shalton: 8,62
Lee-Roy: 8,938
Maikel: 7,944
Rob: 8,048
Marleen: 11,75
Justine: 12,16
Brian: 12,07
Remco: 8,994
Lavina: 22,46
Richard: 9,416
Myrthe: 7,38
Sander: 7,94
Joep: 11,78
Joost: 7,488
Karin: 8,146
Remco E: 7,496


In May we will work together in a mixed gender buddy team. You and your buddy have to complete 2 different benchmark WOD's together. WOD 1: "Grace" 30 Clean&Jerks (61/43kg) for time + WOD 2: "Randy" 75 Power Snatches (34/25kg) for time. When one buddy works the other buddy rests, split up the reps however you like. You can do the WOD whenever you want, how many times you want and you don't have to do both in one day. The buddy team with the least amount of time in total wins a buddy Batteraof t-shirt!!



THE OPEN is coming!! 

In less than a month we will test our fitness! Of course we do this in the box every day, but once a year we keep score on a worldwide whiteboard. The best advance to Regionals and eventually the CrossFit Games, but for most of us, the Open is our Games: a chance to measure our growth, see where we stack up and note what needs improvement.

This year at CrossFit Batteraof we want EVERYBODY to sign up for the Open or at least take part in the workouts on 5 Saturday's in a row.
The dates we are hosting the Open workouts in our box:
OPEN 17.1 : Saturday the 25th of February between 09:00 - 14:00
OPEN 17.2 : Saturday the 4th of March between 09:00 - 14:00
OPEN 17.3 : Saturday the 11th of March between 09:00 - 14:00
OPEN 17.4 : Saturday the 18th of March between 09:00 - 14:00
OPEN 17.5 : Saturday the 25th of March between 09:00 - 14:00

How to Register and Participate?

• Step 1 (optional) If you want to compete officially on the worldwide whiteboard/leaderboard in the RX, Scaled or Masters devision register via
• Step 2 Sign up via your MindBody account for Saturday (you can book 2 weeks in advance). You will see an event planned from 08:30 to 14:00 o'clock.
• Step 3 in the box you will find a HEAT LIST on the reception. Box is open at 08:30 for all of you to sign up for the heat list. Depending on the WOD the heat list will be made just hours before, so we cannot reserve spots, first come first serve!! Fill in your name PLUS the name of your Judge. You need to have a judge, if you don't have a judge you cannot participate in the WOD! If you officially signed up online you need to have a judge with certificate 2017: 

• NO NORMAL WOD's are planned on those Saturdays! So if you just walk in without signing up, there is a BIG chance you have to do Open Gym. Also we will not be doing a group Warmup or Skill, but we will give tips and tricks how to prepare and attack the workout.
• If you can't make it work on Saturday you have until Monday to do the Open WOD. We will make the FNCTNL space available NOT THE OPEN GYM area, make sure you have a certified judge.

The best way to prevent panic on Feb. 25th? Prepare now!

For the next 4 weeks, it’s time to add a bit of purpose to your training. It’s time to try an unbroken set. It’s time to pick up the bar 1 second sooner and do 1 more rep before dropping it. It’s time to do more ROMWOD, dial in your diet, drink less alcohol and sleep more.

One of the worst feelings in CrossFit comes when a competition workout is announced and you can’t do a movement you’ve been avoiding. But what if you spent the next 4 weeks practicing things you struggle with? What if you pushed yourself 2% out of your comfort zone in your next WOD?  You can still expect a few nerves. That’s a natural part of competition. But you won’t be panicked. Prepare NOW!


Hope you are enjoying your Christmas present and playing around with Beyond the Whiteboard for the last 3 weeks! Let me explain some basics and go over how you log your workouts and you scaling results on Beyond the Whiteboard. It's crucial that you're putting in exactly what you did during the WODs, the more comprehensive and accurate the information you put in, the better it can help you (and us coaches!) track your progress.

Let’s get started!
• Log in to your Beyond the Whiteboard account either on your phone or desktop.
• Once you've logged in, your profile with your training calendar should come up. Click on 'Log' in the sub-menu on the upper left of your computer screen or the bottom of your phone screen (iPhone)
• From here, select 'Your Gym's WODs'. This will bring up all of the WODs that we have done at CrossFit Batteraof

NB: we have 4 different programming tracks. Box WODs / Powerlifting / Weightlifting / Gymnastics. Be sure you are looking at the correct track when you go to log your WOD!

One of the best things about CrossFit is it's universal scalability. We can modify the movements so to suit anyone's capabilities. This means that rarely all of you will be doing the exact same movements or weights in a class, so it is important that we account for that in Beyond the Whiteboard.

Let's say that you did this WOD in 7:05. The Rx weight was 45kg, but you scaled to 40kg. To log your results, you click on 'Log Result', which then brings up the workout. First, you need to adjust the weight that you used from 45 to 40 kg, press save, type in your time and click 'Modified' since it was scaled (if you used 45 kg, you would click 'As Prescribed'). The notes section can be used to point out anything that you noticed during the workout that you'd like to remember).

Now, let's say you need to scale a movement, instead of just a weight, i.e. ring rows instead of pull-ups, singles in place of double unders,  what do you do then? 
Bring up the WOD on your profile, click show more, and then click on the movement you want to adjust. Click in the 'Find Movement' search box and type in whatever movement you did for the workout. Click save, put in your rounds, mark it down as 'Modified' and you're good to go!

When logging a result, you'll have the option of choosing between "prescribed" or "modified". Your selection is important to maintaining the integrity and accuracy of our leaderboards and rankings.


Happy New Year everybody!!
2016 is over and so is the December Challenge, nobody will be very sad it's over and done...
Doing this challenge was really a pain in the calves! Multiple people told us it was hard to walk after the 1000 Double Unders, wonder why....
And the 3 time winner is Stefan Bierbauer, he won a FITAID a Jump Rope and a month free membership for a friend or family member! But the ultimate winner is Betsy Scarberry finishing the 1000 Double Unders in 17 min. and 49 sec. She deserves a special Batteraof Hoodie! Come and pick it up at the box!


Is a challenge independant of your skill level, everybody that attends 15 WOD's in 15 days in the month of January wins a T-shirt!

• Write your name on the board and 1 dash for every attendance
• Only the regular box WOD's count for the challenge
• If you do 2 WOD's (like Kelly ;) or an extra Specialty class, it's still counts as 1
• Open Gym doesn't count
• Entering the box, hanging around and leaving again doesn't count...

Hope to all see you in the box at least 15 times this month!!!