Out of shape? Bored of your current fitness routine? Or your current training program plateaued your progress?
We can help! Our personal coaches can help you bring your fitness to the next level using CrossFit principles blended with a specific program catered to your personal needs. We strive to achieve extreme, but sustainable results for our clients. We are 100% committed and expect the same from you!


Why Personal Training?

  • Train functional movements for everyday life
  • Improve your overall health and fitness level
  • Build muscle and burn fat
  • Improve your game with sport specific training
  • Increase endurance and improve flexibility
  • Sustain a healthy balanced lifestyle

What our personal trainer does for you:

  • Make you accountable
  • Keep you motivated
  • Develop customized programs suited to your fitness level and goals
  • Ensure you use proper exercise form and technique
  • Challenge you and keep it fun



Richard Dassen
• Gymnastics
• Sport specific training
• Aerobic Capacity

• CrossFit L2 Trainer
• CrossFit Gymnastics
• Aerobic Capacity


Marjan Lemmens
• Mobility
• Weightlifting
• Powerlifting

• CrossFit L2 Trainer
• CrossFit Rowing


Do not expect a miracle method or crash diet. Everyone is special. One wants to run a marathon while another wants to lose 5 kilos. It's different for everyone .
Therefore we offer customized personal training ranging from corrective exercise to elite performance.

You'll start with a thorough assessment, which allows us to gain an integrated understanding of your needs and long-term goals. The assessment will be done in the form of an interview and we will also explain our procedure. It takes a hour and there is no workout involved. From there we'll build your customized program.

You can choose for single sessions or 10 session packages.
A FREE consult is included in all pricing options.



We measure and keep track of your progress and adjust the workouts accordingly. Whatever your personal goal is we have a route that guides you there.

We set out to make it as easy as possible, with classes throughout the day adjusted to your agenda, booked easily and quickly online. No long term contracts, no hassle.

A high intensity, head to toe workout, led by passionate and charismatic personal trainer. Our classes are time efficient, effective and most of all, enjoyable.

Everything we do makes it easier for you to sweat harder.
— CrossFit Batteraof