Most regular gyms dump you into regular classes with little or no instruction. With the complexity and the intensity of CrossFit, this essentially sets you up for failure. At CrossFit Batteraof we believe in a higher level of coaching and want to thoroughly educate our athletes before releasing them into regular classes. On top of that, we’re confident you’ll like our program, our trainers, and our community.


If you want to check out our CrossFit box just schedule a free intro or come on by during Open Gym hours (check out the schedule).


  • A short tour of our CrossFit box

  • An overview on CrossFit and our philosophy on fitness

  • An explanation of how a CrossFit workout is structured and what to expect

  • An overview of the Batteraof Beginner's Program and next steps

  • An explanation of our membership options

  • A beginner's workout

Schedule your FREE INTRO at any regular WOD hour. And don't worry it doesn’t matter what your current fitness level is - our FREE INTRO is for everyone!!


After your first intro class enroll in our Batteraof Beginner's Program

Our Batteraof Beginner's Program is a 3 hour session where you will learn the fundamental movements of CrossFit. These classes are filled exclusively with beginners who are learning the various exercises we use during the regular workouts. Our Batteraof Beginner's Program is highly recommended before you join our WOD Group. The fee is €75 for the 3 full hour sessions + 1 Month Unlimited CrossFit.

After you completed the Beginners Program you can join the WOD Group for the remaining month for free!


  1. In the beginners program we keep the classes small to ensure that you are receiving personal attention and learning the movements properly.

  2. All of the fundamental CrossFit movements will be though, we make sure you do them correctly, show you ways to modify them based on your abilities and motivate you to reach your full potential.

  3. At CrossFit Batteraof safety is very important and by the end of this program you will know how to properly perform each exercise with appropriate form and movement.

  4. Your trainers will allow you to get on your way to achieve your health and fitness goals. You can expect to improve coordination, endurance, stamina, flexibility, strength, speed, power, agility, balance, accuracy and GET RESULTS!


After the Batteraof Beginner's Program you are ready to join the WOD Group

The final step in getting started is to join the regular WOD Group.  The WOD Group is what CrossFit is known for and is the core component of our CrossFit box community.