Last month of the year and we have a GRAND CHALLENGE for ALL of you TOGETHER!!!


But first let me share with you the score and the winners of the NOVEMBER CHALLENGE.
The winner in the category MEN is Christophe Weltens! He pulled 610 strict reps in 1 month. Congrats x-ophe, come and get your free t-shirt at the box.
The winner in the category WOMEN is ME!!! Just joking ;) It's Maartje Zwakenberg, she went from ZERO to HERO this month AND got 7 strict pullups. Maartje, come and get your free t-shirt at the box.


This month challenge is a GROUP CHALLENGE! We are going to collect 10.000 minutes of deep squat sit hold.

Here are some rules:
• Air squats only, below parallel
• Set yourself a time you are going to do the challenge and stick to it! If you come out of the squat before the min are over they don't count!
• Half minutes don't count
• Only squatting in the box counts
• No help from others or walls or anything

More importantly...What can you win as a group??
If the 10.000 minutes are done we (the box owners) will organize a NEW YEAR BORREL with free drinks for everybody ;)

...and now SHUT UP AND SQUAT!!!!