CrossFit Batteraof

OPEN 18.1

This Saturday we are hosting the OPEN WOD 18.1 in our box. Its a very nice and long workout:

  • 20 Min AMRAP
  • 8 toes to bar (sc= knee raises)
  • 10 dumbbell hang clean to overhead (5 on each arm)
  • Calories on the rower – 14 (men) /12 (women)

Everybody can sign up for the regular WOD hours 9/10/11 and 12 o’clock. It includes a warmup and movement practice. We have 4 rowers so all officially signed up (via not MindBody) athletes will use the rowers the rest will RUN 200m instead.

Officially signed up athletes will also need a judge(with certificate) to judge them during the workout. So don't just show up, make sure you have arranged someone to judge you!  its not possible to film your performance during the regular WOD hours.

If you cant participate on Saturdays but you officially signed up, you need an official judge or record and upload your performance. Please inform the coaches when you want to do this, could be all rowers are programmed in the regular WODs.

Check out the official movement standards in the video below. 

Lets have some fun together with this challenging workout! 



Hey everyone!  I'm Betsy and I'm addicted to CrossFit.  :) 

About me:
- I'm originally from Dayton, Ohio (USA), but I've lived all over the US (Ohio, Colorado, Florida, and Georgia)
- I'm a Logistics Officer in the US Air Force and am currently stationed at the NATO Joint Forces Command Headquarters in Brunssum. I absolutely love my job and the people I get to serve with. 
- I moved to Maastricht in October 2016 and will be here until June/July 2019...who knows where I'll end up next.
- I was a swimmer for 14 years and competed at the collegiate level.  

My CrossFit Story:
I started CrossFit in September 2012 at CrossFit Body Mechanic in Tampa, Florida.  While at CFBM, I was a member of the Competition Team and placed in the top 10 at several local competitions.  In October 2014, I moved to Warner Robins, Georgia and started training ad coaching at Praetorian CrossFit.  I took a break from competing and focused more on coaching while I rehabilitated a major shoulder injury.  I briefly came out of retirement to compete at a local competition, Box Wars, where my partner and I placed FIRST in Women's RX.  I've since gone back into retirement and have no intention of competing again.  I also trained at CrossFit 1394 in Kabul, Afghanistan for 7 months while deployed to Headquarters Resolute Support.  

I received my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certificate in October 2013 and hope to get my Level 2 Trainer certificate later this year.

Why I Became a Batteraof Back-up Babe
One of my favourite things about coaching is helping athletes do things they never thought they could do.  We all start somewhere and it inspires me to see someone do things they thought were impossible.  

If you really want to know more about me, check out the documentary "Functional Fitness" on Netflix! 



As the box is expanding in members so is the Batteraof crew to help you reach your fitness goals! We would like to introduce to you one of our four new Level 1 Assistant Trainers.

My name is Sabrina and it is a huge honour to be asked to be part of the “back-up babes” team.

Some personal info:
• I'm Brazilian and 36 years years old. I am married to my Best friend Fabio and together we have 2 children, Anna who is 14 and Gustavo who is 9. We also own a beautiful dog named Nina. I love playing piano and anything involved with the make-up industry, since I am a formed make-up artist and love everything to do with aesthetics. 
• Love traveling but I HATE the cold weather! 
• I'm a trained nurse and studied 2 years of psychology, which I unfortunately couldn’t finish due to our move to The Netherlands. We moved to The Netherlands almost 10 years ago because of my husbands work transference. We came here to stay for 2 years and yet here we are!
So why don't I speak Dutch? Well…I do, but I don't think I'm good enough and don't feel comfortable using it on a day to day basis. You have no idea how hard it is to learn a language that sounds like Donald Duck! hahaha

Had to reinvent my life when I was 29 and that is the moment when I started Zumba, from there on there have been many courses, many lessons and a lot of learning. At the moment I work as a Zumba instructor at another gym in Maastricht, and teach approximately 12 classes per week.

CrossFit has been my passion and my personal training preference for 3 years now. I don't intend to compete and unfortunately I can’t take the risk of injuring myself, because of the work I do, if I get injured I won’t be able to work! And for that reason I feel like in some moments I'm stuck as an athlete...

Why be a back-up babe at Batteraof?
I completed my Level 1 course a few years ago and ever since I haven’t worked as a coach so I'm looking to improve as a coach and get experience by working in a box.
By having such an "explosive" personality like mine there is always something positive within CrossFit! Finding the ideal balance inside my identity and what you guys, as athletes expect of me, is my biggest objective in this beginning!
I believe that increasing my integration with the community will help me find out the different types of athletes and what they are capable of.

Please feel welcome to come and talk to me about anything!
And any type of feedback is always welcome, especially if they come accompanied with some good whiskey.



The November challenge was a hard one! For some doing 1 strict Pull up is a dream goal, for some it was easy 😳  

Rosalie won the challenge with 16 unbroken strict pull ups. It was a battle with Danielle but in the end she managed to pull up 1 more.  GREAT job Rosalie!! 💪🏼

On the mens side 3 athletes got the same score of 23 Pull ups. Congrats with this result Ben, Konstantin and Shalton. So this will be settled in a final battle on the day of Murph (17th of December) before or after the WOD (you guys decide).


 August Challenge

The August Challenge was an ultimate test of puke resistance. 20 Cal. Row + Bike + Ski for time. Not a lot of athletes are made for this kind of shock, but two guys went for it last month with totally different techniques. Juan did multiple attempts to get the best score, Jules did all 3 challenges in 1 hour, puked a bit and takes home the price!! 15 sec. on the Bike, 32 sec. on the Ski and 24 sec. on the rower. Just 1 sec. difference between the two. 

Anne beat all the ladies with a great time on the bike, 34 sec. A lot of guys will not even get close to this time! 

Congratulations Anne and Jules, come and pick up your t-shirt at the box! 


September Challenge

This months challenge is a gymnastic movement, the L-Sit Hold. For max seconds. For the rules please read the challenge board in the box.




The April Challenge was not 1 but 3 challenges; 250m Row for time + 100 sit ups for time + 50 Wall ball shots for time. Every second and millisecond counted as a point, and the athlete with the least amount of points won the challenge. See below all the participants, to us you are ALL WINNERS!!! But unfortunately we cannot handout 40 t-shirts every month ;). So Kelly Stessen come and pick up your Batteraof t-shirt!

TOP 3:

  1. Kelly: 6,98 points
  2. Marjan: 7,082 points
  3. Pablo: 7,2 points

See below all the "WINNER" scores:
Anke: 12,342
Rok: 10,046
Michelle: 9,526
Bas: 12,546
Jérøme: 9,432
Marvin: 7,404
Stefan van S: 8,468
Juan: 7,306
Emilia: 8,09
Loes: 7,978
Anne K: 9,734
Shalton: 8,62
Lee-Roy: 8,938
Maikel: 7,944
Rob: 8,048
Marleen: 11,75
Justine: 12,16
Brian: 12,07
Remco: 8,994
Lavina: 22,46
Richard: 9,416
Myrthe: 7,38
Sander: 7,94
Joep: 11,78
Joost: 7,488
Karin: 8,146
Remco E: 7,496


In May we will work together in a mixed gender buddy team. You and your buddy have to complete 2 different benchmark WOD's together. WOD 1: "Grace" 30 Clean&Jerks (61/43kg) for time + WOD 2: "Randy" 75 Power Snatches (34/25kg) for time. When one buddy works the other buddy rests, split up the reps however you like. You can do the WOD whenever you want, how many times you want and you don't have to do both in one day. The buddy team with the least amount of time in total wins a buddy Batteraof t-shirt!!