Dear Batteraoven!

I have to disappoint you: I am not the gifted with Shakespearian writing as my fellow back-up babes! Ok, now we got that out of the way.

Let me introduce myself, I am Christophe aka Xophe! I am a proud Batteraof since January 2015 and just been Batteraoffed a bit more as back-up babe.

On a personal note:
· Residence: Maaseik, Belgium
· Date of Birth: some time when Joan Jett and the Blackhearts were leading the charts, singing “I Love Rock ‘n Roll”
· Work: I am a constructional engineer, have a great passion for sewage technology and water treatment. So in 2012 I founded Cofrax. At Cofrax we specialise in all things concerning sewage and water. For now we mainly work in Belgium, but somewhere this year we also hope to cross some borders…
· Sport: this has always been a big part of my life. I spent most of my youth on a tennis court, in college I also did a lot of skeelering and cycling. You could also find me at the local gym, chasing “tha pump”.
· CrossFit: My fascination started late 2013, after seeing a youtube video of Chris Spealler and Heather Bergeron. So you can imagine my excitement when Marjan and Richard opened up Batteroaf! Ever since then I have tried to work hard in – and outside of the box to become a better person and athlete.

Backing up @ Batteroaf:
I am thankful for the opportunity to now share the (little) knowledge I have and passion with you guys. I have a thirst for knowledge if I am passionate about something, so I followed the L1-course as well as some other courses. Other than the courses I followed, I don’t really have any coaching experience. I can only promise to give my all when I am in front of a class and try to infect you with some of my energy while we all work to be better than yesterday.

Most nights you can find me at the box, so if there’s anything else you want to know à holla at me!




The April Challenge was not 1 but 3 challenges; 250m Row for time + 100 sit ups for time + 50 Wall ball shots for time. Every second and millisecond counted as a point, and the athlete with the least amount of points won the challenge. See below all the participants, to us you are ALL WINNERS!!! But unfortunately we cannot handout 40 t-shirts every month ;). So Kelly Stessen come and pick up your Batteraof t-shirt!

TOP 3:

  1. Kelly: 6,98 points
  2. Marjan: 7,082 points
  3. Pablo: 7,2 points

See below all the "WINNER" scores:
Anke: 12,342
Rok: 10,046
Michelle: 9,526
Bas: 12,546
Jérøme: 9,432
Marvin: 7,404
Stefan van S: 8,468
Juan: 7,306
Emilia: 8,09
Loes: 7,978
Anne K: 9,734
Shalton: 8,62
Lee-Roy: 8,938
Maikel: 7,944
Rob: 8,048
Marleen: 11,75
Justine: 12,16
Brian: 12,07
Remco: 8,994
Lavina: 22,46
Richard: 9,416
Myrthe: 7,38
Sander: 7,94
Joep: 11,78
Joost: 7,488
Karin: 8,146
Remco E: 7,496


In May we will work together in a mixed gender buddy team. You and your buddy have to complete 2 different benchmark WOD's together. WOD 1: "Grace" 30 Clean&Jerks (61/43kg) for time + WOD 2: "Randy" 75 Power Snatches (34/25kg) for time. When one buddy works the other buddy rests, split up the reps however you like. You can do the WOD whenever you want, how many times you want and you don't have to do both in one day. The buddy team with the least amount of time in total wins a buddy Batteraof t-shirt!!



Happy New Year everybody!!
2016 is over and so is the December Challenge, nobody will be very sad it's over and done...
Doing this challenge was really a pain in the calves! Multiple people told us it was hard to walk after the 1000 Double Unders, wonder why....
And the 3 time winner is Stefan Bierbauer, he won a FITAID a Jump Rope and a month free membership for a friend or family member! But the ultimate winner is Betsy Scarberry finishing the 1000 Double Unders in 17 min. and 49 sec. She deserves a special Batteraof Hoodie! Come and pick it up at the box!


Is a challenge independant of your skill level, everybody that attends 15 WOD's in 15 days in the month of January wins a T-shirt!

• Write your name on the board and 1 dash for every attendance
• Only the regular box WOD's count for the challenge
• If you do 2 WOD's (like Kelly ;) or an extra Specialty class, it's still counts as 1
• Open Gym doesn't count
• Entering the box, hanging around and leaving again doesn't count...

Hope to all see you in the box at least 15 times this month!!!



The July Challenge was a battle of unprecedented scale! The female athletes got a clear winner with 3 min and 21 sec. Congratulations Karin, come and get your Batteraof t-shirt!!

On the male athletes side there isn't one clear winner but 3! Karsten, Remco F. and Stef have the same score of 2 min and 58 sec.
Therefore we are organizing a SHOWDOWN, FINAL BATTLE!! There can be but one victor ;)
Please organize yourselfs and get ready to "go to war"!



The August Challenge is a completely different beast. You will be challenged to set your BEST "FRAN" TIME. Fran is a girls benchmark workout consisting out of: 21-15-9 reps of Thrusters (43/30) and Pullups. No timecap, just get it done as fast as possible. If you need to scale do so and make a note on the board. The box WOD's will also be "Fran-biased" this month, so no excuses!!!



We got a WINNER for the June Challenge!! Remco Eijssen managed to get the most progression in 1 month of standing upside down. He went from 29sec. to a massive 61sec. on his hands.
Karsten Kroon is a good second with a progression from 23sec. to 50sec.
Remco come and get your t-shirt at the box!

This month challenge is one that's going to burn the lungs! As Fast As Possible 1 RUN around the block (950m). I wish you the best of luck with this one, it should be possible within 3 min.
If you can't run ( not the same as I don't want to run ;) the challenge will be 1km ROW for time.




Must say you guys and girls put up a HARD fight this month to win the May Challenge. 250m Row for time with a damper setting on 5, that made some of you shoot like a rocket of the concept 2 rower!
No surprise the rowing man Joost Koedijk won the challenge with 38.6 sec. But gorilla Juan put up a good fight until the last day of the challenge but got stuck on 39.5 sec.
Nobody less than Genevieve won the rowing challenge AGAIN with 46.0 sec. Beating Jolien and Marjan with just a couple of milliseconds. Both winners come and order you Batteraof t-shirt at the box!

FREE Standing Handstand HOLD for as long as possible in a 1x1m square will probably sound like a horror story for most, but for some this is a dream challenge come true! We introduced a SECRET RULE that we will announce at the end of the challenge. All you need to know is that you have to write down your new score on the board every time you advance and leave the old score.

Good luck and break a finger ;))