August Challenge

The August Challenge was an ultimate test of puke resistance. 20 Cal. Row + Bike + Ski for time. Not a lot of athletes are made for this kind of shock, but two guys went for it last month with totally different techniques. Juan did multiple attempts to get the best score, Jules did all 3 challenges in 1 hour, puked a bit and takes home the price!! 15 sec. on the Bike, 32 sec. on the Ski and 24 sec. on the rower. Just 1 sec. difference between the two. 

Anne beat all the ladies with a great time on the bike, 34 sec. A lot of guys will not even get close to this time! 

Congratulations Anne and Jules, come and pick up your t-shirt at the box! 


September Challenge

This months challenge is a gymnastic movement, the L-Sit Hold. For max seconds. For the rules please read the challenge board in the box.