The April Challenge was not 1 but 3 challenges; 250m Row for time + 100 sit ups for time + 50 Wall ball shots for time. Every second and millisecond counted as a point, and the athlete with the least amount of points won the challenge. See below all the participants, to us you are ALL WINNERS!!! But unfortunately we cannot handout 40 t-shirts every month ;). So Kelly Stessen come and pick up your Batteraof t-shirt!

TOP 3:

  1. Kelly: 6,98 points
  2. Marjan: 7,082 points
  3. Pablo: 7,2 points

See below all the "WINNER" scores:
Anke: 12,342
Rok: 10,046
Michelle: 9,526
Bas: 12,546
Jérøme: 9,432
Marvin: 7,404
Stefan van S: 8,468
Juan: 7,306
Emilia: 8,09
Loes: 7,978
Anne K: 9,734
Shalton: 8,62
Lee-Roy: 8,938
Maikel: 7,944
Rob: 8,048
Marleen: 11,75
Justine: 12,16
Brian: 12,07
Remco: 8,994
Lavina: 22,46
Richard: 9,416
Myrthe: 7,38
Sander: 7,94
Joep: 11,78
Joost: 7,488
Karin: 8,146
Remco E: 7,496


In May we will work together in a mixed gender buddy team. You and your buddy have to complete 2 different benchmark WOD's together. WOD 1: "Grace" 30 Clean&Jerks (61/43kg) for time + WOD 2: "Randy" 75 Power Snatches (34/25kg) for time. When one buddy works the other buddy rests, split up the reps however you like. You can do the WOD whenever you want, how many times you want and you don't have to do both in one day. The buddy team with the least amount of time in total wins a buddy Batteraof t-shirt!!