We will have a new and improved weekly schedule starting from June 1st.
A lot of members told us they would like to be able to come to the box at Sunday and do a WOD, so we made this possible!
Unfortunately Friday wasn't that popular, so we are decided to close on Friday from June 1st.

We added MOBILITY to the schedule on Sunday 11 am. A special class dedicated to Becoming a Supple Leopard. You will learn how to prevent and rehabilitate common injuries, quickly fix inefficient movement patterns, problem solve for pain and dysfunction, fix poor mechanics that rob power.

STRONGMAN on Saturday moved from 12pm to 11 am.

The 10am WOD on weekdays changed into an OPEN GYM hour. Also 8am on Tuesday is OPEN GYM hour. Remember OPEN GYM is still all hours we are open!

We also added a 7am EARLY BIRD WOD on Tuesday.