The August Challenge ended in an epic battle between Danielle and Juan fighting for the best FRAN time. Juan won with 2 min and 58sec beating Danielle with just 41 seconds.
Jeroen caused some confusion during the challenge with his INVISIBLE FRAN time of 1min and 57 sec. but he unfortunately could not get the same FRAN time with 43kg on his bar...

The SEPTEMBER CHALLENGE is a completely different Powerlifting beast. No high intensity workout but pure raw power! 1 rep max BENCH PRESS minus your bodyweight.
Some rules:
• Stand on the scale just before or just after you do the challenge and take your shoes off but keep your clothes on!
• Keep your butt and head on the bench
• Touch your chest with the bar
• Full extension at the top in the beginning and end of the press
• No help. When you cannot lift the bar make sure you have a spotting buddy
• Yes your score can be in the minus, just lift more weight!
We got 2 categories this month, male and female.