WOD 17/03/2015

THX Vivian for the picture!

THX Vivian for the picture!

WARM UP: 10min - 10 m Inch worm / 10 lunge steps / 10 Air squats / 10 Sit ups / 10 Push ups

SKILL: Practice all the weightlifting movements from the WOD. Work up to workout weight.

WOD: AMRAP 18 min - 1 Deal lift (60/40kg) / 1 Hang Power Clean (60/40kg) / 1 Front Squat (60/40kg) / 1 Push Jerk (60/40kg). The round does not count if you drop the bar in a round of 4 lifts!

COOL DOWN: Foam roller

Note: The weight on the bar should feel medium heavy. Try to get to 50 rounds in 18 min. Take rest after every round.