July happened and so did the PULL UP Challenge of the month.
You guys made some great progress, let me share some insights;

Gilles bit the bullet and went first, he set the benchmark for most. His score is 3rd overall.

Bjørn before he went on holiday had a score of 40 kipping Pull up and when he came back from holiday 2 weeks later he did 49! Proving that a little rest goes a long way ;)

Rosalie got the highest score of the girls in the box, 30 kipping Pull ups, NO JOKE!

Kelly went from 0 to HERO with 1 Strict Pull up, great job! We would like to congratulate her with winning the July challenge and her Batteraof T-shirt!

Konstantin wrapped it all up with his score of 61 kipping Pull ups. We would like to congratulate him with winning the July challenge and his Batteraof T-shirt!

Nick got the most strict Pull ups, 25 unbroken! He's in Aruba but when he comes back a Batteraof T-shirt is waiting for him!

Now that we got those Pull ups down let's take on a new challenge!
This month challenge is..... AMRAP Double Unders UNBROKEN in 1 min

Here are some rules:
•You got 1 min to complete as many Double Unders as possible
•Single Unders don't count and you can't do single unders in between the DU set
•Get a buddy to judge you
•When you break a set you have can continue within that minute or start the minute over again
•You can try as many times as you like within the month of August
•Scores are only counted when written down on the board before the end of the month.

Here are some tips and tricks to improve your Double Unders:
•Check your rope length: stepping on the rope, the handles should be armpit height
•Hold hands close in tight and out in front (wide hands makes the rope shorter)
•Rotate (or “spin”) the rope from the wrist (NOT the shoulders)
•Find focal point in front
•Try to jump up and down in roughly the same spot (traveling leads to tripping)
•Avoid excess movement
•Up and down bounce from the toes (don't land on heels)
•Jump when rope is about to hit the ground
•Practice linked singles, alternating single and double unders first, and then linked double unders


GOOD LUCK everybody!