Must say you guys and girls put up a HARD fight this month to win the May Challenge. 250m Row for time with a damper setting on 5, that made some of you shoot like a rocket of the concept 2 rower!
No surprise the rowing man Joost Koedijk won the challenge with 38.6 sec. But gorilla Juan put up a good fight until the last day of the challenge but got stuck on 39.5 sec.
Nobody less than Genevieve won the rowing challenge AGAIN with 46.0 sec. Beating Jolien and Marjan with just a couple of milliseconds. Both winners come and order you Batteraof t-shirt at the box!

FREE Standing Handstand HOLD for as long as possible in a 1x1m square will probably sound like a horror story for most, but for some this is a dream challenge come true! We introduced a SECRET RULE that we will announce at the end of the challenge. All you need to know is that you have to write down your new score on the board every time you advance and leave the old score.

Good luck and break a finger ;))