It's no longer September so that means NO MORE ROWING ;)))))))))))
A lot of you will be happy it's over!

Let me tell you what happened in September:
More than all the challenges before you guys participated in this challenge, that's GREAT!
Some of you did it more than once and improved their score multiple times, that's GREAT!
Some of you didn't want to do the challenge again after you did it once - Glenn ;)

Best 500m time for the men goes to Leroy Wolters with 1 min. and 24 sec. I think he had to go home after the challenge, he rowed his life out of his lungs....

Best 500m time for the ladies goes to Genevieve with 1min. and 37sec. Rosalie and Marjan tried very hard to get close but failed miserably....

Come and pick up your T-shirt at the box winners!!

October Challenge!!!

"The GRIP"
This challenge is super easy, we got 3 categories you can compete in; 10, 15 and 20 kg.
Men and women compete in the same category (I don't want to see guys in the 10kg category!!!)
You have to hold on to the bumper plates as long as possible.

Holding in the rings of the bumper plate is not allowed
You have to hold the plates next to you with straight arms.
Same weight for both arms, when you drop 1 plate it is over
You can try as many times you like