athlete of 2015

the AWARD went to...

Lot's of Batteraof Athletes send in their vote for the Batteraof BEAST of 2015 AWARD and 1 person's name was voted a bit more than others...
But before we tell you how great the Batteraof BEAST of 2015 is, let me share with you what athletes said about each other and get all warm and fuzzy inside just like me ;)
Check this out this presentation

And the award went to... CHRISTOPHE WELTENS
The athletes that voted for Christophe said the following:
"Always helpful to other athletes"
"He works hard and motivates people"
"He is always helpful , very eager to move forward and a great team player"
"Has made incredible progress, is always friendly and always tries to motivate his fellow athletes"

"Despite a busy job he always does his best to come to the box, gives advice and is always relaxed"

Christophe was very surprised that he got nominated and that shows even more how great he is as a person! We hope he will train in the box for a very very long time so we can all enjoy his company.