No Stress Bench Press September is over and we got a very obvious challenge winner in the men's category and a not so obvious winner in women's.
In the men's category Remco E. won with +50kg.
In the women's category Rosalie S. won with +7.5kg.
Come and get (order) a Batteraof t-shirt at the box.


This month we got a great challenge for all of you! You can choose between A. As many toes to bar as possible in 1 min or B. As many UNBROKEN Toes-To-Bar as possible. You have to choose between A. or B. Male and female are in the same category.

Toes-To-Bar (TTB) is a movement that is designed to test your abdominal and arm strength as well as your grip strength.
The movement is simple enough; Start in the hanging position on the bar with the heels starting behind the vertical plane. You then get both toes to touch the bar at the same time in between your hands.
Get a judge to count your reps and/or time your minute.
You can do strict or kipping TTB.
Rest while hanging on the bar (without letting go) is still considered unbroken.

Cannot do a TTB yet? Practice Toes-To-Rings! And who knows you get your first TTB this month!

Happy TTB'ing

WOD 16/09/2015

WARMUP: 1 run around the block. After 5 min: 10 situps / 10 ASQ / 5 pushups / 20 sec dead hang

SKILL: EMOM 15min - Complex add weight every min: 1 High Pull / 1 Hang P.Clean / 1 P. Clean / 1 Full clean

WOD: 10 RFT: 5 Full Clean (70% 1rm) 5 KTE tc: 10min



WARMUP: 3 rounds: 20 pass through / 10 table makers / 5 bridge push ups / 2 skin the cat / 1 wall climb

SKILL:  3x5 tripod leg raises (head on ground). 3x5 negative HSPU. 3x5 L-sit pullups. 3x5 Ring pushups. 3x5 negative MU with falce grip. 3x5 wide ring rows (feet elevated). 3x5 strict pullup. 3x5 diamond pushup