WOD 24/09/2015

WARMUP: 6min of 5 pushups / 5 situps /  5kb swing / 5 body rows  / 5 ASQ

SKILL: Clean & Jerk pipe drill and build up to WOD weight.


A. “Death by Power Cleans” max 15 min

1e min – 1 Power clean (50kg/35kg)

2e min – 2 Power cleans

3e min – 3 … etc.

* Add 1 rep every min, until you cannot do it anymore. Reps need to be unbroken.

-5 min rest-

B.  Buddy Grace (alternating with 1 bar)

30 Reps For Time

Clean & Jerk (60/45kg)

TC: 7 min"


August happened and so did the AMRAP Double Unders UNBROKEN in 1 min Challenge of the month. You guys made some great progress, let me share some insights;

Coach Richard set the first score to beat at 108 DU

With her new Rx Jumprope Mandy did 76 DU! Thats a great score!!

Ivo did his first 4 DU! 

Master of desaster Sandro did unjudged 138 DU and was asked to do it again with judge and did 120!!! We congratulate Sandro with winning a custom designed Batteraof T-shirt!

Now that we got those Double Unders down let's take on a new challenge!
This month challenge is..... 500m ROW as fast as possible!

Here are some great TIPS for the 500m Row:

And if you want to see how you rank against the rest of the world check this out:

GOOD LUCK everybody!